Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Rocky Road to First Place

When I made this drawing, I never imagined it would take first place on Shutterstock for a search on "boulders." Not only is it first place for illustrations, it's first place for photos.

It is a strangely humbling and exciting feeling that people all over the world are buying my rocks! I hope to find out where they are being used.


ToniD said...

I'm using it!

I write mystery/thrillers about a team of forensic geologists, and wanted a rock logo for my website. I searched Dreamstime for rock pix and when I hit your drawing, I looked no further. Love it.

website: http://www.tonidwiggins.com

Eric Basir said...

Thanks ToniD! Good luck with that very interesting series.

ToniD said...

Hey thanks, Eric.

Got the second book in the series scheduled to come out in a month or so: VOLCANO WATCH.

Still loving my logo!

ToniD said...

Hey thanks Eric.

Book two in the forensic geology series--VOLCANO WATCH--will be out in a month or so.

Still loving my logo!