Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Book: Knös, the Giant

If a giant born from an egg can save a king's daughter from a 10-headed troll, you can do anything. However, you need a few swords and a couple of good friends to get you through it.

This little book is my adaptation of a famous Swedish fairy tale of the same name. There are only a few differences between my version and the classical story. The most obvious difference is the hero has dark brown skin and curly black hair. Also, one of his friends is Asian. Other than that, it's really no different from the original.

Sweden is a beautiful land with beautiful people. However, it is suffering from problems related to skin color and religion. I hope this book helps Swedes learn to live with and tolerate each other.

Knös the Giant is available for purchase from

You may preview a few pages from the book below.

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