Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Badin and the Secret of the Sámi script finished

Almost 2 months after finishing the outline, I have before me 100 pages of the full script of Badin and the Secret of the Sámi. For those who do not know who Badin is, read this excellent article by Madubuko A. Diakité. Those unfamiliar with the Sámi people, browse the many articles at the University of Texas.

As I write this, I am going through the first edit. There are quite a few holes that need patching in the story. However, according to my assistants, it is fun, action-packed and heart-wrenching. While we're going through the first edit, I have begun sketching thumbnail panels on each script page—fleshing out angles and placement of various elements.

I am also beginning to organize my source materials and sketching concepts of the characters and scenes. A new program I purchased calle Scrivener should help me with the process. The challenge to finish this within the next few months is daunting. However, I believe I can do it with the help of the Creator and a few sleepless nights.

In addition to the graphic novel portion, I plan to include lots of extra features with behind-the-scenes information, real history and concept art. That too is being organized.

Through this historical fiction of real people, I want to make the world proud of Sweden and its diversity. Skål!

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