Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun with Words

In a set of images inspired from famous idioms of American culture, I really got a good opportunity to challenge my creativity.

We all have heard about the "Starstruck" person. This was the easiest one to create.
Starstruck People

Stairway To HeavenAs a child, some of my most vivid memories of heaven or paradise—in the context of a place believers in God go after they die—was a giant apartment building in the sky. Although my drawing has more "regal" Eastern type of mansion, I really wanted to portray a peaceful place isolated from the cares of the world.

Pants On FireAnother childhood image was the saying "liar, liar, pants on fire!" This was clearly "easy" to create. However, with some 2-dimensional flames behind and in front of the 3-dimensional pants gave it something unique.

 Have you ever been told "Get your head out of the clouds!"
Head In The Clouds 

Head In The Clouds 

King Of The Hill  What about "King of the Hill?" So many ideas came to mind for this one and they all seemed to flow into this pompous king, alone on a hill!

Certainly, any discussion about power, leadership and controversial issues is like opening a "Can of Worms."

Can Of Worms

It's too easy to be skeptical when it seems like everyone you talk too doesn't seem to understand you. It's like "Talking to a Brick Wall"

Talking To A Brick Wall