Thursday, September 28, 2023

Newest September Stock Music!

More heavy riffs to come!
Our composer is on a bit of a heavy metal kick, but that isn't stopping us from producing a wide variety of genres for you to use and listen to. Check these out!

Aggressive 80s Synthwave complete with punchy drums, a low acid bass and and massive synth chords. If there ever was a vintage-style cyberpunk track, this would be it.

Dark and cinematic, featuring a string ensemble, organic and synthetic percussion, a choir singer distorted into pure evil, and a breakbeat hinting at more dangerous and intense things to come... In the next "Urban Ruins" track. (Expect high energy and higher gain.)

And finally... Spy music, but with an electric guitar, synths that sound like the 2000s and a ridiculously saturated drum kit. Think "James Bond in a giant mech". It loops seamlessly, to boot. I hope you like metal, because this is not going to be the last time we delve into distorted guitar goodness. (Our composer is informing me that yes, we can tune even lower.)

As always, our catalog of stock music is ever growing, and if nothing in this post piques your interest, our full catalog is sure to have something you want. Just head to the links below!