Sunday, December 17, 2023

Final Stock Tracks of 2023!

Bass not to scale
Here they are! Sadly, there won't be any new stock music releases until next year... Luckily, that's only half a month away. Whether you like power chord riffs, 808 bass or jazzy Wurlitzer chords, our December batch has something for you.

A heavily swung, saturated beat and funky bassline? We've got those! Two different electric pianos(one that plays with a bit of flourish later in the track) and synth keyboard? We've got those! Seamlessly loopable? Go right ahead. Put on this track, lean back, and bob your head.

Distorted guitar riffs layered with an analog synth emulating a classic Juno-106. A heavy acoustic breakbeat and low electric bass fill out the supporting cast of instruments. If you remember the Xbox classic "Mechassault", your ears will feel right at home with this one. Rock on.

Back to trap, but don't drop the axe just yet. We've got the standard modern hip-hop drum machine, a crunchy guitar tone, and punchy 808 bass. Orchestral strings and synth plucks help bring out the melodic elements even further. This one is less "multi-ton war machine" and more "lone ranger".

Finally: A stranger take on trap, with plucked synth melodies that alternate back and forth, eventually playing over each other in peculiar harmonies. Backing them up are hip-hop drums, 808 bass, a far-away distorted choir voice and spiccato strings. Fun fact, those weird echoing plucks were made with a synthesizer originally intended for kick drums.

As always, check the links below to find our full catalog of royalty-free stock music.