Thursday, November 16, 2023

Mid-November Stock Music: Spooky Edition

We want to apologize for being incredibly late to the Halloween party with our most recent royalty-free music releases. We're quite confident, however, that these four new tracks made in the Halloween spirit will more than make up for it. 

A massive cinematic track with huge synthesized brass hits, an intense acoustic breakbeat, and our composers favorite acid bass filling in the background. If you played PC games during the year 2000, this one might evoke memories of a certain airfield... PS: this one loops seamlessly.

A trap beat with a synth of our own design, made to sound like a retro game console playing a melancholic, lonely melody. The low 808 bass booms out alongside the staple trap drumkit to remind you that yes, this is a rap instrumental. In short? Sad Atari hip-hop. Enjoy.

If you thought the last track had a bit too much energy to it, have no fear. "Vampire Hunted" is a slower, half-time remix of the previous beat with pitched-down drums, a simplified chord progression, and no compromise in quality. In short? Sad and mellow Atari hip-hop. Enjoy(in a more relaxed fashion).

Last but not least, an unsettling horror track that gradually rises in intensity until it crescendos into one final impact. Featured instruments include saturated taiko drums, a chugging electric guitar and layers upon layers of nightmarish synth ambience. Perfect for a movie trailer, or to wake you up in the morning.

Of course, this is only the newest of our widely varied stock music portfolio. Click the links below to head to our storefronts and check out many more!