Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kraken: The Third Mini-Saga is On Sale!

The cover for Mini-Saga #3
September 1, 1761: Beggars and wretches escaping fallen nations are burdening the Kingdom of Sweden. The land and treasure is becoming scarcer. Famines linger with colder and longer winters.

The preceding paragraph is from the introduction of Kraken. Also designated as Mini-Saga #3 for the Badin and the Secret of the Saami graphic novel project, this story takes place almost one year before the events of the graphic novel occur. It also introduces the readers to a passionate character with both antagonistic and protagonist characteristics.

This was actually the first Mini-Saga I wrote and illustrated. It was a convenient experiment for putting the comic book layout functions of Clip Studio Paint to the test. It also served as a launching pad for the fonts I purchased which would be used throughout the Badin and the Secret of the Saami graphic novel project. However, since the first Mini-Saga had to be dedicated to the first people of Sweden (the Saami) and the second to 10th century Arab explorer Ahmed Ibn Fadlan, it had to wait until now.

The Badin and the Secret of the Saami graphic novel is an incredibly important story motivated by the ideals of justice. To achieve any degree of lasting peace, justice must be present. The desire to give the historical Afrosvenskar (Black Swede) Badin nee Couchi a dignified place in Scandinavian literature is paramount in setting the first stage of justice. By translating and making public Badin's diary, I was able to prove the real historical figure was highly intelligent and insightful. By writing and illustrating Badin and the Secret of the Saami, I hope to make an historical fiction story unlike any that has been done about him by numerous authors in the past. It will vindicate him of all the racist slander.

Kraken is also about justice. However, it is described from a perspective based in fear. As I write this, men and women who fear the loss of power are appealing to masses of people who fear the loss of benefits to which they feel cannot be shared with those who look different than them. So authorities establish and maintain structures that contain potential revolts. Kraken briefly documents actual historical facts about how such systems were established and used in continued domination over Saami, Native American, Asian and African people.

What we perceive to be good, may be bad for others. The product of bad things can lead to redemptive outcomes for all. Can a synthesis between such perceptions exist in any society? I explore this concept within the context of 18th century and 21st century Sweden.

The fourth and final Mini-Saga has been written. It is called Mirror and it will feature the star character, Badin. The cover and synopsis is online at the Badin and the Secret of the Saami website.

Please purchase and tell all of your friends and family about Kraken. Your support is needed and appreciated. Please read the character diaries as well. They are free and will continue to be so through May 1, 2017.