Monday, July 24, 2023

Badin and The Secret of the Saami Sequel: UPDATE

Rough sketches inspired as the story is being finished
The first draft for the full screenplay (script) is almost done! The story is three acts. Enjoy some sketches I put together to give you a glimpse of some characters. 

I leaked a few out already. 

However, as the full screenplay is really maturing, I am feeling more confident about exploring the artwork a little. When it is final, then I will need to shift from writer to illustrator. 

Clockwise from left, Zulsal (antagonist), Vaarvaa (protagonist), Beivve (sun diety) and Lynx-Finder (shapeshifter).

Beaivi (North Saami) Biejjie (South Saami) is a very important god/goddess in the ancient traditions of the Indigenous people who are found in Scandianvia and part of Russia.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Four New Unique Stock Music Tracks!

Four new royalty-free tracks are now available on our stock stores! Each with their own unique style and genre.


Another bouncy entry in our library of old-school hip-hop beats, complete with that classic analog processing and swinging drum groove.

An intense, mysterious progression through ethereal synth pads and plucks, culminating in an aggressive distorted bassline and heavy drums. If you like industrial music, this is for you.

An unsettling, dark trap beat drowned in disturbing ambience. Perfect for scoring your expedition into that unidentified structure.

And finally, an electronic, downtempo journey of a song the evokes an image of strolling through a dystopian future.

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Latest samples

Danceable Electronic Stock Tracks!

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    A modern house tune that is equal parts spooky and groovy.

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    A bouncy track featuring the styling and synths of 90s acid house.

    A hard-hitting techno track with heavy bass and even heavier drums.








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