Monday, July 24, 2023

Badin and The Secret of the Saami Sequel: UPDATE

Rough sketches inspired as the story is being finished
The first draft for the full screenplay (script) is almost done! The story is three acts. Enjoy some sketches I put together to give you a glimpse of some characters. 

I leaked a few out already. 

However, as the full screenplay is really maturing, I am feeling more confident about exploring the artwork a little. When it is final, then I will need to shift from writer to illustrator. 

Clockwise from left, Zulsal (antagonist), Vaarvaa (protagonist), Beivve (sun diety) and Lynx-Finder (shapeshifter).

Beaivi (North Saami) Biejjie (South Saami) is a very important god/goddess in the ancient traditions of the Indigenous people who are found in Scandianvia and part of Russia.

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