Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A New Sea Creature

Even though the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico well has been capped, the consequences of the world's demand for cheap oil and petroleum products hasn't been capped. In fact it appears that we aren't in the least bit aware of how accidents like these will only continue unabated if conservation and long-term sustainable planning are not made a priority over consumption and economic growth.

So I was inspired to create this illustration. It seems we have created a new sea creature: The oil barrel. We mine oil. We package it. We abuse it. Whether in its crude form, refined as fuel or as a plastic bottle, we have littered the oceans with it. The creatures who make the ocean their home must now live with it.

Can we sympathize with them and reconsider the oil culture? Can we see deeply enough into their plight and see the effects it has on our health and societies? I will do all in my power to put this belief into practice. What about you?

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