Monday, July 6, 2015

Distracted with Re-writing

The script for Badin and the Secret of the Saami is beginning to consume me. This is by no means unrelated to my intense study of Frank Miller's Batman series from the mid-1980s and the Incredible Hulk issues 300 and up. The stories contained within the artwork is the life essence of the characters, places and events of comic books. I never understood this as a child. It is becoming increasingly clear to me now.

So I broke away from model sheets this week, imported the Microsoft Word documents into Scrivener and began making changes to the script. I will intentionally break many established illustration and compositional rules for creating comics with this graphic novel (that is what happens when you pour over unique work such as that by Frank Miller). It is risky. Yet I know I am not as experienced as other full-time comic illustrators and the necessity of following my spirit with a loose pen and a tight story must be fed properly.

By the way, the Saami and main characters are completed. I even started working on one of the major locations. I was a up a few hours for that one. I know you'll like it when it is done. Today, I also decided I needed to make these blog entries a bit more interesting by inserting some teaser images from pencil drawings. It will be up to you to speculate. I am keeping quiet about their descriptions until after the graphic novel goes on sale.

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