Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just One More - Badin and the Secret of the Saami

Are you watching me?
One model sheet remains. Fatigue is setting in and I think I'll stop drawing tonight (actually, this morning).

Tight quarters
I have been spending my non-illustration time listening and viewing as many interviews and tutorials as I can about layout thumbnails, penciling, inking and coloring. There are so many artists out there—in all kinds of genre—that are willing to share their fascinating workflows and techniques on how they apply artistic fundamentals to their work. While eating lunch—if not listening to interviews—I am indulging in reading comic books online with Marvel Unlimited.

I am currently catching up with comics I used to read as a youngster. My
favorite was—and always will be—the Incredible Hulk. I picked up around the early 300's and have about 10 years to catch up. Studying the various inking and coloring methods have taught me much. Unfortunately, now that I work part-time as an illustrator, I can never enjoy the comics like I used to. I spend more time studying the writing and the artwork, than just "taking it in."

The model sheet abstracts here are a minor female character I whipped up with Manga Studio 5EX (left) and a scene using Sketch Paper on Drafting Table 1.0. I'll admit, I'm still not comfortable working with Manga Studio's perspective rulers. Also, sitting at the computer is more grueling than at my drafting table with T-Square and Triangle rulers, setting up 2-point perspective lines.  I bought all of Doug Hills' Manga Studio rulers and guides, along with his ebook. So far, the composition rulers have been very helpful. But I have more learning to do when it comes to rulers for Manga Studio in general. So I hope his ebook will give me the knowledge I need.

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