Saturday, May 25, 2024

Back For More Stock Music: Part 2

The second half of our latest song batch strays from scary, dark soundtracks to more experimental and abstract tunes, drawing inspiration from several other genres.

Automated Security is sparse and slow-paced, with the echoing textures of the main synth bass and drum machine filling the empty space. A glitchy, chopped dial-up sound in the background keeps the rhythm moving forward. A stealthy tune for your sneakiest cybernetic soldier.

Hazmat Failure is a trap-influenced, heavily textured track with a variety of interesting percussion and rhythmic elements filling out the background. The main melody is just two eerie notes, generated by a classic analog synth. Fun fact: One of the main percussion sounds is a heavily processed jaw harp, listen closely for its signature tone.

In Thinking Games, the main piano was recorded with its strings underwater (essentially turning the piano into a miniature pool), and the drums are a hybrid of live drum sounds and an old-school analog drum machine. A synth piano and clean electric bass make up the rest of the band. All of this culminates in a simple, fun track that slowly evolves over time while still keeping the same lighthearted, laid-back energy.

Saving the best for last, we've got Deep Sea Oasis. It's got retro pianos and strings, a funky bassline, smooth and ethereal synth pads behind an immaculate old-school hip-hop beat. If you're going to only give one of these songs a listen, we strongly recommend you check this one out. Words alone can't describe how much of a joy it is to experience this track. This tune is one of our composer's favorites out of the entire catalog.

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