Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting Ready for Manga Studio 5EX

I'm still going through the training curriculum for Manga Studio 5EX (Clip Studio Paint). It is a very different animal from Manga Studio 4 EX. Manga Studio EX is not a true upgrade. It is a distinct application from MS4.

I'm still on the fence of whether I should do the penciling phase of Badin and the Secret of the Saami with this software or with real pencil. I'll definitely do the ink and color on the computer. While I still need to complete the thumbnails and model sheets, I have a little more time to decide.

I got tripped up with brushes that were lagging. It behaved as if my 20GB of RAM wasn't enough to power it. I checked their forums and found this post about brush settings and preferences with "No delay" that fixed the problem. However, from time to time I noticed the problem arising. After further testing, I found that running audio or video streaming from Youtube.com and Sverigesradio.se was the another cause. I rely on both sites for audio entertainment while I work. So for Youtube, I simply changed the resolution to 144 and for Sverigesradio, I opened another tab over the page. Problem fixed.

I've been combing through some of Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Night Returns comics and have been inspired to change the opening scene of Act I. Mr. Miller's use of tiny panels and dialog interspersed among pages with barely any dialog is fascinating to me.

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