Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stumbling Block Removed for Badin and the Secret of the Saami

After almost a month of agonizing and nail-biting when I first shared the stumbling block, I am happy to declare that the problems with Act 2 of Badin and the Secret of the Saami have been resolved! This part of the story is critical to making Badin's motivations real. You'll see it when it's published next year.

This is an exciting moment because I can return to creating thumbnail layouts for the rest of Act 2 and move more swiftly with Acts 3 and 4.

While doing this, I also created 3 more posters to promote the graphic novel. You will see them in coming months. I really would appreciate your help in using them on your websites and send to friends. I have a great story to tell and you will be inspired from it.

The bad part is that the time is 12:15 in the morning and I'm supposed to be in bed. I also cancelled the automatic shutdown of my computer. The good thing is, if I had not written this blog entry, I would have been in bed. So I did stop working before it started to shut-down.

The picture at left is an abstract from the first vignette (not yet released). I hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

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