Monday, January 25, 2016

Page 9 Done - Badin and the Secret of the Saami

To celebrate the entire completion of 9 out of 20 pages in Act 1 of Badin and the Secret of the Saami, I share this snapshot of one panel on the page. I am almost half-way finished with this very important part of the project.

Why is it so important? I need a finished work to present to agents and/or publishers to humbly ask for their financial support so that I can finish the entire graphic novel by Fall 2016. Like all artists that start out like this, I am having trouble paying the bills and buying groceries thanks to this wild and crazy Swedish adventure I have heaped upon myself. If I find such a person or entity, it would be such a relief. If I do not, I will still do it myself. This is a story that must be told.

As usual, the image you see was created using Manga Studio 5EX. I have been making screen movies of some of my work so you can see how I made some of the pages (I plan to release it after it is published).

I wanted to also tell you that I work very hard to improve my craft through "drawing drills" almost nightly. That is, I make 8 to 12 sketches of the same thing. Lately, my focus has been trees, mouths, noses and feet. I grab one of my many how-to-draw books, crack it open, find an object and draw it...and draw it...and draw it again and again.

I also recently published the Swedish versions of my children's books Knös Jätten and Motalas Svenska Flicka. Please check them out at Lulu. They are written to inspire children to overcome adversity and reach for greatness.

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