Thursday, February 25, 2016

Page 15 Done for Badin and the Secret of the Saami

A forest scene abstract from page 15
I have been so deep into Badin and the Secret of the Saami that I have not been able to take time to create a thoughtful journal entry.

I also have been struggling with family issues and trying to keep my general retouching and illustration business afloat. Life is very hard for me right now and I fight daily with the urge to just give up on any hopes of being a full-time artist along with finishing an 80 page graphic novel.

Talking about Sweden
Nevertheless, the desire to complete this project is growing intensely as time passes—and I continue to invest huge chunks of my time into it (With this project and regular work, I am averaging 50 hours of solid work per week). When I think about the Black pioneers like Badin and the people of Sweden and the friends who want me to finish this, I get the inspiration I need to break the barrier of self-doubt. I was recently inspired by a friend name Donelle who invited me to bring my books and postcards for Badin and the Secret of the Saami and help her represent Sweden for International Day at MCC Academy. When you meet people like that—the type who go out of their way to help you succeed—I remember that there is a Divine Hand involved in all things. We just need to have faith in what we are born to accomplish.

I am still conducting research in the midst of completing the mini-sagas in addition to training myself on drawing certain objects such as trees and animals (You can buy the latest mini-sagas here). Some may think it easy to draw mundane object. It is not. This is especially true when trying to capture the essence of specific flora and fauna. Trees in Sweden are typically not found in Boliva. So the forests will look different. I have to capture that "look" of Sweden.

I think I have some of the general 18th century fashion down. The characters are also coming to life. Page 15 introduces the main Saami character. He will be featured along with Badin in the next promotional poster (Download the previously released posters here).

As of this morning, I have 4 more pages for Act I. With this, I plan to actively pursue an agent—also while finishing the other acts. Thank you for your support!

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